About Matt

Matthew Bradfield

Its 2020 the masses are yearning for the fresh and really quite underrepresented opinions of a massively oppressed and disproportionally maligned social group: The privately educated white male millennial. 

Matthew has taken the brave choice to meet this demand and share is uniquely important perspective.

 In response to his recent touring performances

Matt’s unique style was described by members of the audience as both “fine” and “not as bad as I thought it would be - but you know, not great”. 

After an extended tour of the USA Matt has returned to take the London comedy scene by storm or at least get him out of an evening and have a moan. 

“I just don’t find you funny” - Matt’s Ex Girlfriend

“Sorry who?” - Dave Chappelle 

“He means well….” Matt’s Mum 

“The best and wisest person I know, I literally couldn’t live with out him” Skye, Matt’s Dog

“Isn’t he lead-singer of the Manic Street Preachers?” - Jack Dee